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idea, steve. i'll try to give you a sense of what's gonna happen today first before we get to the details that we have. the house will meet this morning at 10:00 and they meet again at 12:00 noon for legislative business and they'll have to dispense with several suspension bills before they get to the deal that was worked out of last night. so we expect debate in both houses as early as this afternoon or this evening. as far as the bipartisan agreement that was worked out last night, there's likely to be a lot of dissension within the far right and far left in both houses. let's get to a graphic that has details on the deal that was worked out last night. the debt ceiling is going to be raised $2.1 trillion through the year 2012 under the deal worked out last night. it will cut a trillion dollars right now with a commensurate $800 billion increase in the debt ceiling right now. and then later, a special committee of congress composed of three republican house members, three democratic house members, three republican senators, three democratic senators will work out another
. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson for a look at the weather. hi steve. >> hello pam and dave and you as well. morning low clouds and fog. they acloudy. santa rosa to concord to livermore and san jose and oakland and san francisco. everyone is in on this fog and low clouds. once it burns off 60s and 70s and low to mid 80s. >>> here at the toll plaza of the bay bridge a light delay. there is some waiting as you can see. nothing major before you get on to the bridge. also the morning commute looks good on the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge. 6:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> thank you, sal. overnight news a double shooting has taken the life of a young woman in richmond. we're on the scene. this is a live picture. you can see the police officers there. the cameras panning around. the police have blocked off an area of neven avenue and eighth street. this is just across the street from kaiser medical center. they have been tracing the steps trying to find evidence out there. a short time ago police did talk to relatives
association, where it first met steve. this is a series of programs underwritten by the charles gesky family, which examines the constitution in the 21st century. this examines the balance between safety, security, and public order, and the protection of civil liberties and the integrity of the constitution on the other. tonight program will focus on threats to our american justice system caused by under-funding and indecisiveness. i would like to mention that the question answer portion of the program will be moderated by a professor geoffrey hazard, a distinguished professor of law at uc hastings. the professor is a leading expert in the field of civil procedure of legal ethics and is good at asking questions. it is my pleasure to introduce our very special guest, stephen zack, president of the american bar association. with nearly 400,000 members, it is the largest volunteer professional membership organization in the world. mr. zack is the first hispanic american to serve as the president and the second to be born abroad. he was only 14 when his family emigrated from cuba under harrowing
northbound the traffic there looks good getting up to highway 17 no major problems. at 4:38 let's go to steve. >> thank you. a very good morning. lots of thunderstorm activity erupting. glib some even along l.a. and then sierra, nevada. big thunderstorms up toward tahoe and truckee. just filtered through and now it has moved off. 50s and 60s on the temp. 55 santa rosa. a cool pattern. 55 concord. west, southwest our delta breeze. nothing has changed there. i don't see a lot of big changes. the moisture is so close wrapping around the high which is far to the east. here comes the system. as that system digs in it will push that moisture away. cloud cover should be winding down. fog for us or low clouds. sun breezy. it's cool out there. the morning lows are cool. low clouds will give way to sunshine. santa cruz coastline is waiting for the coast. everywhere else it's become in. we'll have temperature temperatures on the 60s, 70s, and 80s. for others it has been hot. very hot. i don't see much changes. a little warmer tuesday and wednesday. continuation of this pattern and we'll keep it there. >
. let's start with a look at weather with steve paulson. how does it look in >> it looks overcast there pam and dave. low clouds and fog. we are stuck in a pattern they are saying the same thing back in the midwest. they are stuck in hot and humid we are stuck in cool. 60s and 70s and even inland low to mid 80s. here is sal. >>> highway 4 you can see traffic is doing pretty well here coming up to concord out of bay point and pittsburgh. if you are driving on the east shore freeway let's say you are coming in from richmond and oakland it looks nice. >>> sal, thank you. we will start with a developing new story right now richmond police are at the scene of a deadly double shooting and one of the victims is a young woman. allie rasmus is out there right now. police have blocked off that area. >> reporter: homicide detectives arrived a short time ago. we saw them speaking to some of the victim's family members. this is where the shooting happened. it happened in the past couple hours. we don't have an exact time for you here. some of the officers on the scene -- but the area you are l
that moodd s & p could downgrade america's rating. steve, let me start with you. how likely do you think it is that there will be a downgrade by one or both agencies? >> hard to say at this point. the clangss maybe 50-50. but you think about even with this deal in place, instead of borrowing $9 trillion over the next 10 years we'll borrow $7 trillion. we haven't solved the debt problem. that's one reason the rating agent cities may downat this and say this isn't the historic break through we hoped for. shannon: if we assume we do lose the triple aaa credit rating, what happens next. does it impact the every day life of americans? >> it's not clear. some countries had downgrades, note reply canada, as you thail trail yeah and japan. but the united states is in a different situation. our deficits are out of control. the congress is pickerring in way. it's not address the structural problems. the package is hardly a package but a promise. if we get downgrade now or after the election, then i think we'll face higher interest rates because this congress hasn't don't work that been put before
. >> reporter: wingmaster owner steve says the key is training his birds to train the seagulls. >> what they'll interpret is there's a falcon in hunt in the area, and grab your kids and get out of here. stadium full ut acc1: of pemg presents a few challenges. for example, steve says his birds would be trained to intimidate but not attack. thecc1:cc1:cc1: nce of falcon in aggressive flight mode that actually stimulates that fear factor in the seagull. >> reporter: the giants say they're weighing the options, including trying to get the to set up house in the light pole or anything else for that matter that will roll up welcome mat on the stadium's opportunistic fans. >> what a mess. if i had a little kid at the thing and there's falcons going around -- i don't know. let's check in with nick o'kelly, check in on the weather. what's going on, nick? >>> we're talking about fairly quiet conditions around the bay area. e were concerned about somecc1: iels lated thundershowers. not going to show. the reason is, temperatures just didn't warm up enough.cc1: we couldn't get the instability going and t
and you know what yo have and then you can treat the with what you learned in the first half with steve and the goal of triage happens to be th motto of nert "do the most good for the most people" and if there is an earthquake right no and ceiling collapsed and 40 people in here, and if i'm the one rescuer coming to you and the first person is not breathing and no pulse, would you want me to stop and do cpr for this person before i reache you and what if there are 500 people behind that and do cpr and i just have to open an air way and all patients fall unde under -- and i'm going to use colors and green, walking wounded and anybody that walks. d for delayed or yellow meaning you're hurt but you're not hurt enough. you're not hurt but that no not that bad an. and d is dead. and dead is the easiest one to determine. and how do we determine whether someone is dead? they're not breathing, right an steve said that several times and how do we know someone is not breathing? we look, listen, and feel and open the air way and we look to see if the chest is rising and listen to feel air and how
are in. and that deadline, of course, is tomorrow. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the latest. hey, steve. >> reporter: wendy and barbara, thanks, good evening. here on capitol hill today, vice president biden was saying this crisis is over. that americans can now turn their attention again to job creation. if, he said, if this agreement passes. [ banging gavel ] >> the house will be in order. >> reporter: can speaker john boehner get enough republicans to say yes to the debt ceiling deal? boehner hassling to do. many in the tea party will vote no. >> the problem isn't the debt ceiling. it's the debt. >> reporter: some liberal house democrats will vote no. >> there's no balance. there are no revenues. god forbid would he ask, as the republicans call them, the job creators, the millionaires and billionaires, to pay anything. >> reporter: the compromised plan would cut about $1 trillion in spending right away. form a new bipartisan super committee to find another $1.5 trillion in savings by november. if congress fails to act on those recommendations this year, broad spending cut
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, of course, is tomorrow. steve handelsman has been following the developments. he's on capitol hill now, and joined just live. steve, thank you for being there. first question, i guess. this thing going to pass tonight? >> reporter: it looks like it will pass, jim. but i'm smiling. you have to laugh in a way at the way politicians talk around the facts to what they want people to perceive the facts to be. you listen to that sound bite from john bain e you would think there was a requirement for a balanced budget amendment to pass in this like there was in two previous deals he authored and got through the house. there is not. you listen to democrats, a lot of them are upset at the depth of the spending cuts. a lot of them are upset that there are no tax hikes in this package. but many of them are happy, and we'll talk a bit more about why they're happy later, that they feel that there be tax hikes coming up because of this plan, but there are no tax hikes in this plan. so to circle back, jim, to your answer, the house rules committee sent out a rule to vote tonight. it's been approved.
cam. it is august 1st, 2011 thanks for being with us i am steve. >> i am alison. it is like the summer is just gone. >> how did you like july? hot enough for you? >> yeah. >> tony can back that up. >> yeah, hot july hot start in august, july officially the hottest month on record for washington dc, if you were here for the month you know that could be the case we will talk about that later on we are getting off to a warm start your satellite radar, we have quiet conditions across the region a little bit of haze as you saw from our live shot other than that skies are clear a lot of sunshine clouds will come through later associated with a couple showers and thunderstorms that will pop up here and there most of you won't get that activity current temperature 75 degrees, in the nations capitol, baltimore 72 degrees, dulles, 70, fredericks burg, 72 and frederick maryland 64 degrees. mostly sunny, hot, highs again above normal upper 90s a stray thunderstorm this afternoon or evening that is a look at what is happening. now an update on traffic. >> all right tony a lot is happening on the ro
's go to steve. >>> tu -- thank you, sir. if have you any breaks in the clouds, you can tweet me. most areas, cloudy, cloudy, cloudy. tropical clouds, very close. if you are in the sanwa teen valley, up in the sierra or southern california, yeah, just missed us. today it will push off the east. today, low clouds, sunny, breezy. the wraparound clouds look like they will start to move off to the east. so any possibility of clouds an -- of clouds and thunderstorms won't make it here. 50s and 60s on the temps, they are not going anywhere. look at that low coming out of the gulf of alaska. that's pretty impressive for this time of year. guess what. that means we'll stay the same. lots of fog and then sun, 50s, 60s, by the water's edge. some local mist or drizzle. 67 os, 70s. upper -- 60s, 70s. concord, 79. danville, 80. oakland, 70. livermore only 82, same for morgan hill, gilroy. santa clair ray, 78. san jose at 79. mountain view, 68. in the city cool as a rule, maybe a little warmup on tuesday/wednesday. i doubt the coast changes at all. and then back to the cool pattern for the end of th
>> steve: where did those three hours go? we'll do it again tonight. dirk morris will join us, senator hatch and peter. on a monday morning there as you a lot of movement over the weekend. there is a debt deal on the table, but it's barely on the table. the house and congress set for the big vote before the deadline. alisyn: great to watch you yesterday. i'm alisyn camerota in for martha maccallum. president obama says it is not perfect but he will take it. >> is this the deal i would have preferred? no. i believe we could have made the tough choilsd required on entitlement reform and tax reform right now rather than through a special congressional committee process. but this compromise does make a serious down payment on the deficit reduction we need and gives each party a strong incentive to get a senate plan before the end of the year. bill: you will have a fight from the pea tarty especially in the house. republican senator ron johnson telling gretta this debate should never have reached this point. >> we don't want to be like the healthcare law and pass it to see what's t
, according to the white house. let's bring in the panel. steve hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard." juan williams, columnist with "the hill." a.b. stoddard, associate editor of "the hill." and sindcated columnist charles krauthammer. charles, you said you know it's a big night of importance when the panel expands. >> absolutely. all of america trembles. if there is a fifth, it's the apocalypse. >> bret: your thoughts? >> i think since the boehner proposal passed in the house thursday night after all the craziness it was clear we would not have a default. we would have an agreement. we now have it no question it passes in the two houses. it gets signed in a week we worry what the insanity was about. i don't think there was a tremendously high chance of default or breaching the debt ceiling. once boehner had control of his house, it was a done deal. i expect that in an hour it will be done in the house. interesting to see how many republicans will go against the leadership, how many democrats will oppose it on the left. there will be a tradeoff. either side wants to protect its wing
to an agreement that has what might be considered luke warm support. steve handlesman has our report. steve? >> reporter: jim, thanks. it looks like the house, which is debating this weekend debt ceiling deal will take a vote and be done with it by 7:30. leadership says it will pass. it also looks now like the senate will not vote tonight, but instead will take up this deal tomorrow, presuming this deal passes the house. [ banging gavel ] the house will be in order. >> reporter: can speaker john boehner get enough republicans to say yes to the debt ceiling deal? >> i've got a big job to do here. >> reporter: many of boehner's house republicans are skeptical. >> the problem isn't the debt ceiling, it's the debt. >> reporter: some liberal house democrats will vote no. >> there's no balance. there are no revenues. god forbid, we would ask, as the republicans call them, the job creators, the millionaires and billionaires to pay anything. >> reporter: the compromised plan would cut about $1 trillion in spending right away, form a new bipartisan super committee to find another $1.5 trillion in sa
-- reached a mark of 103 degrees. steve reuben is here with a first look at the forecast. >> we have an increase in temperatures with another day of above-average temperatures. this may go up to 100 degrees and earlier today in frederick it was 99 degrees. 99 degrees at reagan national airport. 79 degrees at fredericksburg. what this feels like is a heat index closer to 90 degrees. we have another hot day on the way, temperatures near 100 degrees. there are no heat advisory's warnings. and the hot weather will continue for another day. we will have more on this and another look at the extended outlook in a few moments. >> august 1 what would this be without 100 degrees. the body of a missing boater has found. charles ryder was found this afternoon. he jumped off of a boat yesterday and never resurfaced. and relief for those near quantaco marine base. the prince william board of supervisors -- the goal is to add extra lanes from route 1 to the base i entrance. also on abc 7 news, the verizon center went crazy for britney spears. plus fire torches a local home. but a brave sequence of
you doing? my name is steve. my family's lived in this neighborhood for years. recently, things got so tight we had to go to our local food bank for help. i lost a lot of sleep worrying about what the neighbors might think. that is, until i saw them there, too. how'd i do, steve? a little stiff. you could have done a little better. what? come on. you know, i have an academy award. yeah, but not for playing me. announcer: play a role in ending hunger. visit and find your local food bank. my name is ne-yo, and i believe that number should be zero. believe in zero. join the effort. visit
.s. senate and house are expected to vote on that agreement later today good afternoon i am steve sanders >>and done dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching a ceramic country on wgn america and on the web debate on the debt ceiling agreement could begin at midday and the senate later in the house the deal announced last night by president obama raises the debt ceiling through next year and calls for 2.4 trillion dollars in deficit reduction over the next 10 years it includes no tax increases a key demand of republicans the president said that it is in the plan he preferred but senate majority leader harry reid called it a remarkable compromise harry reid and senate republican leader mitch mcconnell are urging their colleagues to support it >>there is no framework to review that will insure a significant cuts in washington spending ... >>the white house has sent vice- president joe biden to capitol hill today to rally support among house and senate democrats ... >>wgn political analyst and host of politics tonight paul lisnek joins us now ... >>you have to give credit to the
's been 49 weeks now since steven pitched in a game. he expects super steve to make a minor league rehab start in the next 7 to 10 days, probably at single a hagerstown. more over, he could join the major league club in the next 3 to 5 weeks. zimmerman reaches his inning limit. first full day of the leg mason and the two seed had to withdraw to a foot injury. played in the final yesterday in l.a. while the title two weeks ago in atlanta. finally, i know you're jaded. i know you have seen a million great catches, but when the catcher in question is a nine- year-old. look at the left center field guy. his name is jay den. he's up in canada. mom is going to have to shout out those. >> and that is it for us, the cbs evening news is next.
. an iranian court is expected to release its verdict at any time. steve centanni is watching it. >> reporter: the last court appearance was held yesterday in tehran. a lawyer for the hikers says he expects to hear a verdict in a week. he was hoping for an immediate decision and immediate freedom for his clients. they have been in prison for two years this month. shane bauer and josh fattal were hiking when they were arrested and charged with espionage. shore was released on humanitarian ground and is now living in california. the border with iran is porous and indistinct. they stepped off an unmarked dirt road allegedly into iranian territory because a bored guard called them over. the court did not call sarah shore back to testify and he believes mercy could come because this is the beginning of ramadan when pardons are traditionally given. the state department had this reaction. >> we start from the premise that they have been held far too long and have been held without any reason. and that they should be released. and we remain hopeful they will be. >> reporter: the case another sore spo
're stressed out or maybe they're going to better things. i want to say thank you to steve for helping me head this whole thing up. appreciate that. [applause] and then to the budget staff, headed up by the great bragg wagner, thank you very much. -- greg wagner. [cheers and applause] greg, you had a wonderful staff did you assemble them and focused on them. i want to name them all, because i know they're going places. that includes rick wilson, monice, megan, rebecca, liel, renee, alessa, jonathan, eash, star, and kate. thank you very much, all of you. [applause] and i want to again give a shout out to all of the department heads. they have been so patient. and even though i have not held to many department head meetings, i think i have relieve you of a lot of that. but all of you department heads, and i do not have to go through all of you, but i want to signal again that it has been wonderful to work with you in different capacities with such a difficult budget this year, you all came through to you did really get jobs in farming and advising members of the board of supervisors as well and
. the next item, steve johnson, doing business as underground sf. >> this has been in operation for some time. this is a bar in the lower 8 neighborhood. -- lower haight neighborhood. >> don't touch it. >> i have a really good relationship with the seller who has been facilitating the has been facilitating the transfer of the business.
, as they are falling through the cracks. joining me from bristol is steve webb. thank you very much for joining us. this is pretty grim. >> it's a very serious warning and a wake-up call. we need to get both the state pension system right, but also, as the report says, private pensions. far too many people do not have a private pension at all. >> this is a situation which has accrued over previous administrations and no one has really grasped it. >> we have brought forward two sector plans to tackle a very serious problem. the first is to try to get the state pension system right. the current state pension is even below the poverty line. that's not a firm foundation for people to save on. starting next year, we are going to bring up to 10 million people into workplace pension savings for the first time so that they will put money in. their firms will put money in and the taxpayer will contribute. that will start a lot of people into pension saving, which is vital. >> but the people might argue they have been saving all this time and now they're finding it just will not be enough. >> i think there
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be coached by his uncle steve a former raider and an assistant. everyone among family members the lock out limited what stephan and steve could talk about. >> no, no, wasn't allowed to. i guess we were allowed to talk about family stuff but that's a fine line. how am i going to talk to him and not talk about football. so just didn't talk much. i mean he's kind of a rules guy himself. so he didn't want to mess with it. i can talk to him plenty now thousand. >> we can talk all year about the changes in golf. and scott stallings started the day one stroke back. of course finishes with the par. he made his put. they went back and replayed the hole. estes and hass both missed hof. he becomes the tenth first time winner to win this year. his caddy will be a little bit ready if the time comes when stallings becomes number two. >>> brown started the day with a two stroke lead. you could just knock the ball in the hole for a birdie. a three stroke win for brown. the biggest of his career in which would have to be characterized as a journey man. >>> make your own conclusion about the rabbit and the
. next i'll talk with republican congressman steve king and get his reaction to the report that says the tea party is now officially running washington with the deal that was brokered. plus how his caucus impacted the debate. we'll get his reaction. also a reaction from congresswoman karen bass about the deal reached and if in fact she will support it. was it the outrage from americans like you that pushed lawmakers to get the deal done or was it a real fear of wall street? 40 years after the man known as d.b. cooper hijacked that passenger jet and parachuted off with $200,000, the fbi says it has a new credible lead. what is that lead? find out next on "news nation." >>> next stage of the budget fight will be in the hands of a 12-person supercommittee. this is assuming it passes the house and senate. the supercommittee will have to identify more than a trillion dollar in spending cuts. with me now kent conrad chairman of the budget committee. a member of the group of six. is that what we're calling the gang of six ark group of six. how realistic is it that this supercommittee can wo
and close old ones. but steve argued it's the lengthy appeals that cost so much. we should change california's law to mirror that of texas, where death row inmates are executed three years after conviction. finally, pat attacked the unfairness of it all. the individuals execute ready primarily people of color and poor people the debate continues online at >>> tonight on "sports sunday," we're all business. and with the nfl lockout over and training camps underway we get down to business about the 49er and raiders sharing a home. what is the reality? a former executive with the warriors digs in1: on a shared bay area stadium and the future of baseball in oakland. what will it take for the a's to thrive again. >>> meanwhile, san francisco has become a full-fledged baseball town, bringing in all stars mid season and thrilling fans, while making a run for another title. as fans everywhere can't get enough of these collectibles that are part of a revival starting in san francisco when the giants were at candlestick park. the modern history of bobbleheads. >>> plus, a beard that
, a thief stealing a flat screen steve off an arlington man's front porch. that video now posted on youtube. stacy cohan has the story. >> reporter: it is an older arlington neighborhood, one with quaint homes and established foliage. and rob richards left a much loved adams morgan community for this quiet spot to raise his family and for many years, it was quiet. then about a year ago, someone walked right into the garage and stole a bicycle. six months later, someone smashed a car window and swiped his briefcase. and so it was a growing sense of frustration coupled with a really good deal he spotted online that prompted richards to purchase some protection. >> you can see it on my back porch there. >> reporter: he installed a four high pressure camera security system on july 2nd, one he bought on a web site for what he says was a great price. he bought a flat screen tv on the same web site and had it delivered. >> i looked in my e-mail and it said it had been delivered so i went to my surveillance system. >> reporter: take a look at what the camera captured. >> there is the fedex guy. an
're not scared of this guy? >> he's a sweetheart. >> if you see me on the street, ignore me. steve's getting out because it may be too suspicious. >> hey, baby. let me get 12 until later. one, two, three. >> reporter: the dealer admits he gets his stash after visiting multiple pill mill doctors. >> i'm going to shop at four, five, six doctors. >> reporter: what did he give you? >> 11. >> reporter: what are they? >> oxycodone. >> reporter: to put it into perspective, the recommended starting dose for oxycodone is ten milligrams in 12 hours. bree just bought 30 times that and that's just enough to get her through one afternoon. today a multi agency task force busts 22 pill mills, arresting doctors for trafficking in illegal prescriptions. >> it's not uncommon to see doctors making upwards of $1 million a year. >> reporter: but that's nothing compared to what some of the clinic owners make. d.e.a. agents seized more than two dozen luxury cars from the garage of one pill mill entrepreneur. >> this individual was making $150,000 a day. >> reporter: viper, porsche, a nice blue bently. i don't even kno
of the capitol, front and center. busy place lately and it will continue to be today. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's say hello to tony perkins who is back from vacation and did not bring the cooler weather with him. >> it was hot where i was and it is still hot here. we'll continue to see that not just today but through the week, highs in the 90s again this week. this follows the hottest month on record for washington, d.c. july, the hottest month we've ever had as long as they've been keeping records. let's take a look at what is going on out there currently. here is a look at the satellite- radar. skies are mostly clear. thins look pretty good. couple of little blips showing up. i don't think that is much of anything. we will see a few clouds move in later today and they could bring with them some showers and thunderstorms. for the most part, we'll see sunshine today. current conditions being aren't at reagan national airport, 76 degrees. relative humidity, 82%. your winds are out of the southwest at six miles per hour. forecast for today looks like this. mostly sunny, hot,
representative of steve king a member of the tea party caucus from iowa good morning sir thanks for joining us from capitol hill. it took us a long time to get here sir can you tell us why it has taken so long. >> well, yes this isn't a business deal it is a political agreement and a business deal across the table everybody wants to get done, sign off, shake hands go off and make money. this is a different thing, it is a pleasure from each side in a way it is a bit of a stare down who has the strongest political support in the community who sees the best opportunity in the long term advantage electorally and who has the best decision for america, the best vision will be the one the american people embrace i don't think we are here politically the public has not had a chance to weigh in on this last agreement. >> as the caucus sees it, is the bill moving in the right fiscal direction? >> it is moving in the right fiscal direction needs to move more quickly in the right fiscal direction the previous bill that i think is very much the same as this one in as far as short term cuts are concerned pr
and change in philosophy with the ravens from owner steve bachati down. the ravens are talking about a return to the roots. they had the runner in re rice now they've added power picking up the a d back. he will practice this week. he does the dirty work. the lead blocker helping clear the line. and ray rice is delighted to know he has a new escort. seeing what foster did for the houston texans. >> foster has said himself without leech you know, his season is not the same. i'm not taking away from foster. but my season is not the same without mcclain in front of me. but having leash in front of me is amazing. >> as leash is brought in, it's still unclear who will be the back up to rice. the team has not ruled out mcclain who is a free agent but he could stay in baltimore. >> randy moss went from free agent to retired today. moss calls it quits after 13 seasons finishing up last season with the titans. also played with the new england patriots, the minnesota vickings and the raiders. moss leads with the second most touchdown passes. only moss had more. but his career will be remembered just
to the month of august. it is 5:00 on this august 1st. thank you for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. that's right. good morning to the month of august and heat once again. >> back in it. >> and look who is back as well. >> yes. i wanted to bring some relief with me but alas, it is not to be as we will see our temperature again today and tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that and the day after that in the 90s. >> no relief in sight. >> no, we don't have any. let's take a look at what is going on out there. we'll start with the sentinel satellite-radar. you can see not much to show you here in our area. things look pretty good. there were some showers up across the great lakes region and maybe that weak cold front will sink through here later on. could trigger a shower or thunderstorm during afternoon hours i think particularly through the north but even through here in the washington area. we'll see how that develops. 73 in fredericksburg. winchester, 70 degrees. here is your day planner for today. nothing has changed. i've been away for a week. nothin
of date which comes from actor, steve martin, from cowboys and aliens, congress? >> before we go, i want to let you know, i'm checking my twitter account and i want to say hi to rebecca campbell who wrote to me, how about a retweet and a shoutout to all of us in memphis in this hot weather. consider it done. stay cool! be right back. woman: day care ce expensive. so to save some money, i found one that uses robots instead of real people. 'cuz robots work for free. robot 1:good morning... robot 1:...female child. sfx: modem dial-up noise woman: flaws? yeah, um, maybe. anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr: get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >>> harry potter, mr. rogers and snakes in your car. huge box office week foernd harry potter. it has now conjured up $1 billion worth wild. the deathly hallows, part 2 is expect expected to be the biggest of the year. mr. rogers is making a comeback. it is getting a spinoff, daniel the tiger will get a new animated series. maybe he will change his shoes and wear that cool vest too. >
. steve centanni is live in washington with more. steve? is. >> reporter: hi, jenna. yeah, the final session in the court in tehran was held yesterday, on sunday, and the lawyer for the two american hikers said he expects to hear a verdict within a week. he was hoping for an immediate decision and immediate freedom for the americans yesterday, but that did not happen. now, the two hikers who have been in prison for two years this month are shane bauer and josh fattal. they were hiking in the border region between iraq and iran when they were arrested and charged with espionage. bauer's fiancee, sarah shourd, was with them at the time of their arrest, but she was released last september on humanitarian grounds and is now back in california living in the oakland. they were hiking near a scenic waterfall in northern iraq where the border is very indistinct. shourd says they stepped off an unmarked dirt road only because a border guard of unknown nationality had called them over. they said they had no idea they were so near the border. so the lawyer for the two men being held is optimist
, congressman steve israel and republican senator roy blunt. as well as chuck todd. we'll see you in 15 minutes right here on "andrea mitchell reports." >>> the situation is growing increasingly violent for protesters in syria. government forces are cracking down on demonstrations in the northeastern city. over the weekend at least 70 people were kill maryland the rallies against the government. on the dawn of ramadan, tanks fired. the attacks are so harsh, the european union has expanded sanctions against syria and the white house demanded that the president step down. a new lead in an incredible unsolved mystery. 40 years ago a guy hijacked a plane and got away scot-free with $200,000 of the fbi's money. the fbi hasn't been able to find him or solve the case. pete williams is live in washington, d.c. have they found d.b. cooper the suspected hijacker? >> not yet. the question is whether they are now about to. in the past four decades they've looked at and set aside over 1,000 possible suspects or persons of interests. now they are renewed hopes about this latest one. investigators are waiting
's bring in republican congressman steve king, a member of the tea party caucus and congressman, thank you for your time once again, and what do you think of the deal? >> glad to. well, this deal moves it a little bit and not much different from the boehner bill that passed 218-210 last week, so i am likely to be in the same place i did which is no. i do tip my hat to intense negotiations that have taken place in the effort to move the ball down the field in the right direction, but i am on the principle of cut, cap, balance and i want to see a balanced budget come to us, and it is the responsibility that congress has to send it after of the the states. i have come to the conclusion that the people on the other side of the aisle for me never want to see a balanced budget amendment, and neither do they want to balance the budget, and i want to push this thing as hard as i can to bring it to the conclusion of which side people are on and what they are willing to do. it is not enough cuts in the short-term for me. >> and let me ask you about the no-vote that you are planning. is this a back-h
. now obama's in office, and you want to act like children. host: let's go to california. steve on our independent line. good morning. caller: yes, hi, good morning. host: hi there. caller: the biggest thing i'm concerned about is this new sub committee. some people are calling it the super congress, because, to me, it violates basic principles of democracy by putting so much power in this special gang of congress. the president made a quote on the huffington post i'd like to briefly read, he said, what is a super congress? we have an example of similar bodies. the bureau of the ussr. the bureau was made up of the top members of the central committee. it was responsible and its members subject to the committee. in reality, it was a self-perpetuating body that served as the executive branch of the soviet union and its decisions were forced upon as law. you wind up with this group of 12, and what is the purpose of the rest of them? i believe we need to look at this long-term procedural change that has been pushed through, and i hope you'll do a special show on it. it reminds me of a book
't see the launch of mtv itself. i didn't have cable. i went it my friend steve's high school and being fascinated with not only mtv, but you can listen to the in stereo. fascinating. this is a pretty big anniversary with mtv just turning 30. just after midnight on this date, a new tv channel launched with the words you heard. ladies and gentlemen, rock 'n' roll. then the clip of the video, video killed the radio star. a cultural shift began. image became as important as the music for artists. i will go deeper with another trivia question on this anniversary. can you name the second video ever to be shown? >> no. i won't try. >> it's almost impossible, but pat ben tar, one of the huge artists of the time played her video for you better run. believe it or not, when you look at mtv, it was set up with the idea of playing music videos 24 hours a day, seven days a week which it did for a long time. they catapulted videos and became a marketing tool for music artists or risked retirement. think back to michael jackson himself. billy gene and his 14 minute thriller video-short film. that's wh
a congressman on there by the name of tim ryan and he is a democrat from ohio. i am end steve collins the district. he a representative from tennessee. i'm a disabled veteran and i served in the marine corps almost 10 years. they are cutting veterans' benefits like crazy. they're doing everything in their power to disable all of us, the lower class people because i consider myself lower class. the little money that we are getting through our benefits are not enough with the rising prices of groceries and everything. where is the black caucus and the hispanic caucus? if they don't vote no for this thing now, i don't know how i will vote for the president. host: we heard from congressman cleaver yesterday. he referred to this in his words as a satan sandwich. caller: tim ryan, nancy pelosi speak to our president. this is ridiculous. there is no increase in the taxes. they are not trying to get taxes or anything. they are trying to destroy our country. host: that debate is over because this is the agreement on the table. caller: the democrats have not voted for this. please don't vote, d
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